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Hair Straightening Sydney @ The Loft

Our Keratin Hair Straightening/Smoothing treatment is brilliant for all types of hair.  It is smoothing for the frizzies, but also great as a conditioning treatment for all hair, leaving the hair smooth and incredibly shiny and manageable, it simply feels beautiful, soft, healthy.  One of the advantages of the system we use at the Loft is you walk out the door with your hair looking fantastic and there is no 3 days of keeping it perfectly straight before you can wash and style, we do all that as part of the initial treatment.  Well worth it!  You will also find that your blow drying time is much faster as the hair is smooth and doesn’t absorb so much water, so it saves you time as well, lets’s face it who doesn’t need a little extra time in the day!

With Keratin Straightening you will also find it is not dead straight like the old Japanese style chemical straightening, it still has body and can be styled in lots of different ways, including scrunching with product to define curls without the frizz.

Yes your hair can be coloured, either three or more days before or after the Keratin treatment.

It lasts up to 4 months depending on how you look after it.  We have products to protect the Keratin when swimming in chlorine and salt water. We also recommend a specific shampoo, conditioner and masque that compliments the system to keep your hair looking its best and extend the life of the Keratin. Products which contain any sulphates are best avoided as they remove the Keratin.

The pictures below show before and after Keratin Hair Straightening.

Before Keratin Hair Straightening
Before Keratin Hair Straightening

After Keratin Hair Straightening

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